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Siding Options For Every Building:

New siding can add a touch of class to your home, and reduce the amount of painting and upkeep required on your property. Your home will be almost instantly transformed and provide many more years of faithful service. With a vast selection of styles and colors, we will help you achieve the look and feel for the exterior of your home that you desire. With accent colors to match, your home's beauty will shine throughout the neighborhood and will make the perfect impression for your guests.

Hardi Board Siding:

Hardie Board is the most popular brand of siding sold in America today. LongIslandConstruction.com Inc. offers the full line of Hardie Plank products, engineered for our specific climate. Their experts can find the specific type of Hardie board that will enhance your home’s beauty and provide decades of trouble free protection.

Hardie board is weather resistant and easily painted. It is highly durable, impervious to rot and insect damage. The Hardie line of fiber cement products are non-combustible and will not melt. Every style offers a 30 year non-prorated warranty. That’s peace of mind.

Hardie board siding is both traditional and also timeless, where the different textures and sizes are matched against your home’s design and location.

Select Cedarmill Hardie board offers a natural cedar look that mimics the beauty of natural wood siding. These are used in historic homes, mountain chalets and ranch style homes.

Hardie Plank Lap siding comes in a smooth design, offering a clean, simple and sleek look that fits a more modern, suburban neighborhood.

Vinyl Siding:

Vinyl Siding offers superior qualities rarely found in a siding product. Vinyl boasts durability that lasts for decades, with insulating qualities that surpass other types of siding. Suffolk County Vinyl Siding, LongIslandConstruction.com Inc. can install any of their vast line of vinyl siding products on your home or help you select the perfect type for a new construction.

Efficiency, durability and good economic sense make vinyl siding the perfect product for our part of the country. Damage is easy to repair, because vinyl siding is one solid piece of material, constant in color throughout. It won’t dent or scratch or need to be repainted. LongIslandConstruction.com Inc. installs it, your home will be protected from the weather, warm and safe for many years to come.

LongIslandConstruction.com Inc. can offer you the best brands of vinyl siding with the Alside, Crane, Mastic, Georgia pacific and CertainTeed lines of vinyl products. There are dozens of different styles, shapes, textures and colors to choose from. With the years of experience behind LongIslandConstruction.com Inc., their techs can match the perfect type of vinyl siding and make its installation worry free.

Cedar Shake Siding:

Cedar Shake siding elevates the appearance of a home, with a natural look and feel not achieved by synthetic substitutes. With a wide range of types, perfection cuts, staggered cuts ,formats and textures cedar siding now can provide an environmentally friendly solution to your siding needs. The experts at LongIslandConstruction.com Inc. can install cedar siding and enhance your home’s exterior economically and quickly.

Cedar is known for its durability and resistance to rot, decay and insect invasions. The maintenance is very low and with each treatment the original beauty of the natural wood will be restored. A cedar sided home will retain its beauty for decades.

The environmental footprint left by using cedar is very small. Wood is the most sustainable of building materials and cedar shingles produce the least greenhouse gas and pollution than other siding materials.

Cedar is a natural thermal insulator due to its low density. Cedar siding will keep AC and heating bills lower than other types of materials.

Let the experts at LongIslandConstruction.com Inc. guide you through the process, with the design and selection of the type of cedar shingles that will fit your home and your dreams.



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